Your contributions will go a long way in supporting the conservation, protection and sustainability of lesser known heritage sites.

To support lighting of lamps, distribution of ghee, oil and new vastrams for Swamy and Ambal for a month : INR 3,000

To support the printing and distribution of 1000 copies of Sthalapuranam of a lesser known heritage site : INR 10,000

To provide livelihood support to a priest of a heritage site with low patronage for a year : INR 12,000

To support the running costs of a lesser known heritage site for a month : INR 25,000

All details of the cause supported will be provided, along with income tax exemption as per Sec 80G of IT Act.

If you wish to make a general contribution of any other amount too, you can do so online. Sec 80G receipt will be provided for the amount of donation.

Please note that at the moment we are able to receive donations only within India.